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Starting from the top - A case study of how an EPMO can focus on implementing organisation strategy

La conférence sera donnée en anglais par Raymond Young.

Top managers seldom consider project management to be a matter of direct concern but unless they are directly involved, projects rarely succeed and the organisations strategy will not be implemented. This is dysfunctional and evidence will be presented to show projects seldom contribute to strategy. Then a case study will be presented to show how dysfunctional relationship can be addressed. The case is of the Defence Science and Technology Group, the second largest research organisation in Australia, and the initiative studied is the implementation of their EPMO. The case may be at the leading edge of benefits management practice because it focuses on the delivery of 'the benefit' [ie. Strategy] rather than 'a benefit'.

Dr. Raymond Young is a senior lecturer at UNSW Canberra Australia. He was a former CIO within Fujitsu Australia and a management consultant with Deloitte. Raymond leverages his senior management experience to research in the area of project governance. His work has been published by Standards Australia ah HB280 a handbook for boards and top managers on how to govern projects and succeed.

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