Cognitio 2021: Active inference and collective intelligence

Cognitio 2021: Active Inference and Collective Intelligence 

Young researchers conference in cognitive sciences

October 15-17, 2021, UQAM (Online Event) 


About this edtion on Changing the way collective intelligence is understood

The main topic of the workshop is Active Inference as physics-based models of cultural phenomena, and manners of understanding human behaviour from the social sciences and humanities. This workshop will be important because cross-talk and cross-fertilization between these fields is becoming unavoidable and necessary. Digital technologies are rapidly evolving, and powerful tools have been used in the past for social purposes, without relying on the perspectives and caution of social science experts. 

As a consequence of this neglect, critical flaws in the design of such computational tools have led to furthering the oppression of vulnerable groups. One notable instance of this has been the use of artificial intelligences to help in the determination of guilt in trials. The US legal system, based on historically racist outcomes and practices, has only prolonged the “school to prison” pipeline, in which law enforcement largely disproportionately targets Black and Latino men in the states. The systems that perform such legal advisership tend to operate opaquely like black boxes, and as such, realizing that this bias held such way took the community a long time—too long. 

​One of the main attributes of active inference in machine learning is that it is transparent: the models at play are fully explicit and specify the causal factors that generate data. This is an incredible advantage over black box networks that can lead to the perpetuation of social problems, when they draw from (e.g.) historical data. Working from the perspective that says “nothing about us without us,” we wish to foster collaboration between the fields of social science, computational modelling, and neuroscience, to further our ability to avoid such pitfalls and to develop the proper tools to benefit such vulnerable communities.


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Free online event - Registration are mandatory.  


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vendredi 15 octobre 2021
9 h à 18 h
du 15 octobre au 17 octobre

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UQAM - En ligne

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