Séminaire au DIC: «Considering cognition & perception: towards more intuitive surgical guidance» par Marta Kersten-Oertel

Vous êtes tous cordialement invité à assister au 12e séminaire  au DIC en alliance avec l'ISC et le CRIA


Marta KERSTEN-OERTEL – 2 décembre 2021 à 10h


Titre : Considering cognition & perception: towards more intuitive surgical guidance 


Résumé :

During surgery, a surgeon must map preoperative patient images (e.g. CT and MRI scans) to the patient on the operating room table. This mapping helps the surgeon to spatially locate and understand the anatomy of interest that is not readily visible in the surgical field. This type of spatial mapping is non-trivial; may be time consuming and may be prone to errors. With augmented reality, sound guidance and specific interaction techniques we can create a more comprehensive and accurate understanding of the topology and location of patient-specific anatomical information to provide more intuitive guidance. With a focus on neurosurgery, this talk will discuss some of the research being done in the Applied Perception Lab at Concordia University to design move effective visualization methods and novel interaction and guidance techniques that improve the perceptual understanding of the surgical field and do not increase the cognitive load of the surgeon. Providing surgeons with this information has the potential to improve surgical workflows, reduce surgical time and increase surgical precision.  


Bio :

Marta Kersten Oertel  is Associate Professor, Computer Science and Software Engineering and Director, Undergraduate Program (BCompSc in Health and Life Sciences), Computer Science and Software Engineering.  Her research involves developing and testing visualization, display and interaction methods in the context of image-guided surgery.


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Lien Zoom de la rencontrehttps://uqam.zoom.us/j/85150962901

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jeudi 2 décembre 2021
10 h

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