Séminaire LATECE: «Handling real-time content moderation on social media» par Yvette Wohn

Bonjour à tous,

Nous avons le plaisir de vous inviter au huitième séminaire de la session d'hiver 2021 du LATECE. 

Lieu: Zoom : https://uqam.zoom.us/j/85977067999

Titre : Handling real-time content moderation on social media

Conférencière : Yvette Wohn

Abstract : People upload millions of content on social media per day. Mixed amongst cat memes, makeup tutorials, and pictures of friends’ babies are dangerous content such as child pornography, sex trafficking, and terrorist propaganda, not to mention cyber bullying and harassment in general. In this talk, I discuss how AI and human labor work in conjunction to keep social media « clean » and the challenges of real-time content moderation. The process of content moderation is more than the removal of bad content, reflecting a complex sociotechnical issue that requires computer-mediated collaboration and relational management.

Bio : Donghee Yvette Wohn is an associate professor at New Jersey Institute of Technology and director of the Social Interaction Lab (socialinteractionlab.com). Her research focuses on social provision in social media and digital economy.


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mercredi 5 mai 2021
12 h 30

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