Séminaire LATECE: «Automatisation robotisée de processus et règles d'affaires: une adéquation parfaite» par Abderrahmane Leshob

Bonjour à tous,

Nous avons le plaisir de vous inviter au onzième séminaire de la session d'hiver 2022 du LATECE.

Lieu: Salle PK-5115 & Zoom : https://uqam.zoom.us/j/88240120878

Heure et date : Le 8 juin 2022 à 12h30

Conférencier : Abderrahmane Leshob, professeur au Département d’analytique, opérations et technologies de l’information à l’UQAM

Titre : Automatisation robotisée de processus et règles d’affaires :  une adéquation parfaite Résumé : Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a new technology that uses software robots to perform certain tasks in business processes. These robots mimic how humans use software systems when performing repetitive tasks with “robotic” precision, thereby limiting errors and improving efficiency. RPA provides many benefits including increased productivity, better service quality, and decreased delivery time while automating business processes. However, there are several challenges in adopting RPA, the first and foremost of which is to identify the kinds of tasks that lend themselves to RPA. In this paper, we present a novel easy-to-use method that identifies the most suitable processes for RPA; as such, our method will help organizations to effectively adopt RPA. More precisely, this research proposes to compute an RPA score to assess if a process is suitable for RPA. Moreover, this paper aims to provide guidelines for RPA implementation. The novelty of this work is threefold: i) it uses an extensible classification of business rules to weight the RPA score, ii) It is usable and flexible (e.g., we can extend it to support Intelligent Digital Robots -RPA 2- ), and iii) it automatically computes the RPA score using the Goal-Oriented Requirements Language (GRL) model evaluation.

Bio : Abderrahmane Leshobis a professor of Information Systems in the Department of analytics, operations and information technology at University of Quebec at Montreal. He received the Ph.D. degree in computer science from the University of Quebec at Montreal in 2013, while working at senior enterprise architect the AON Corporation. His research interests are in the areas of Business Process Management, Robotic Process Automation, e-Business Technologies, Service-Oriented Architecture, and Model-Driven Engineering. 

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mercredi 8 juin 2022
12 h 30

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UQAM - En ligne

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