Séminaire au DIC: «Animal Cognition and AI» par Murray Shanahan

Séminaire ayant lieu dans le cadre du Doctorat en informatique cognitive, en alliance avec le centre de recherche CRIA et de l'ISC 



Jeudi le 29 septembre 2022


Vidéoconférence - zoom  : https://uqam.zoom.us/j/88481835073  


Titre : Animal Cognition and AI



Common sense in humans is founded on a set of basic capacities that are possessed by many other animals, capacities pertaining to the understanding of objects, space, and causality. The field of animal cognition has developed numerous experimental protocols for studying these capacities and, thanks to progress in deep reinforcement learning (RL), it is now possible to apply these methods directly to evaluate RL agents in 3D environments. The Animal-AI Environment is aims to apply the ability-oriented testing used in comparative psychology to AI systems. Besides evaluation, the animal cognition literature offers a rich source of behavioural data, which can serve as inspiration for RL tasks and curricula.



Murray Shanahan is Professor of Cognitive Robotics at Imperial College London and Senior Research Scientist at DeepMind. His publications span artificial intelligence, robotics, logic, dynamical systems, computational neuroscience, and philosophy of mind. His work up to 2000 was in the tradition of classical, symbolic AI. He then turned his attention to the brain and its embodiment. His current interests include neurodynamics, consciousness, machine learning, and the impacts of artificial intelligence.



Shanahan, M., Crosby, M., Beyret, B., & Cheke, L. (2020). Artificial intelligence and the common sense of animals. Trends in cognitive sciences, 24(11), 862-872.

Voudouris, K., Crosby, M., Beyret, B., Hernández-Orallo, J., Shanahan, M., Halina, M., & Cheke, L. G. (2022). Direct Human-AI Comparison in the Animal-AI Environment. Frontiers in Psychology, 1884.

Shanahan, M., & Mitchell, M. (2022). Abstraction for Deep Reinforcement Learning. arXiv preprint arXiv:2202.05839. 

Shanahan, M., Embodiment and the Inner Life: Cognition and Consciousness in the Space of Possible Minds, Oxford University Press (2010). Full text

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jeudi 29 septembre 2022
10 h 30

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