Séminaire au DIC: «Atlas of Forecasts: Modeling and Mapping Desirable Futures» par Katy Börner

Séminaire ayant lieu dans le cadre du Doctorat en informatique cognitive, en collaboration avec le CRIA et l'ISC  



Jeudi le 1er décembre 2022


Vidéoconférence - zoom  : https://uqam.zoom.us/j/88481835073    


Titre : Atlas of Forecasts: Modeling and Mapping Desirable Futures



Envisioning and implementing desirable futures requires a deep understanding of developments in science and technology as well as the ability to both simulate and communicate the likely impact of alternative actions. At a time when our relationship to a vulnerable planet Earth is especially important, such a profound awareness of complex, interlinked systems is needed more than ever. Atlas of Forecasts uses advanced data visualizations to introduce different types of computational models and demonstrates how model results can be used to inform effective decision-making. The models aim to capture the structure and dynamics of developments in education and the job market, progress in science and technology, and the impact of government policies—all from the micro to the macro levels. Model results can help us decide which human skills are needed in an artificial intelligence–empowered economy; which courses and degrees are most effective in upskilling and reskilling the current and future workforce; what progress in science and technology is likely to happen; and how policymakers can future-proof regions or nations.



Katy Börner’s research focuses on the development of data analysis and visualization techniques for information access, understanding, and management. She is particularly interested in the formalization, measurement, and systematic improvement of people’s data visualization literacy; the study of the structure and evolution of scientific disciplines; the construction and usage of a Human Reference Atlas; and the development of cyberinfrastructures for large-scale scientific collaboration and computation.

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jeudi 1 décembre 2022
10 h 30

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UQAM - En ligne

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